That’s how it works – Schedule your bachelor thesis

With the planning of your bachelor thesis you should start as early as possible. Working with a structured schedule tailored to you will help you work more efficiently. This will finally see your result. Do not forget that in general you have about three months to complete your bachelor thesis. Here you have the individual steps in percentages. In other words, these numbers always apply, no matter how long you have time. Whether everything actually works according to plan depends on your supervisor. If you know how to get your schedule right, then a lot of the work is done.

The 5 working phases for the perfect Bachelor thesis

The timetable for the bachelor thesis can be roughly divided into 5 steps. Do this conscientiously, then nothing stands in the way of a good bachelor thesis.

Orientation and planning phase (15%)

You should do the first step before registering your bachelor thesis. This step is mainly about the topic of your work. The question should be worked out very precisely and that takes time. Immediately think about the way you want to tackle the topic. First make a first impression with a rough search for literature and other sources, which seem meaningful.

Then present your ideas and sources to your supervisor so that he can give you more tips. If you have problems, your supervisor is always there for you, but you still have to work independently. The last points of this phase are the schedule and the exposé, which you still have to write.

Preparation phase (15%)

The preparation phase takes place directly after registration at the examination office and this is about the detailed literature search. This is best done by bookstores and libraries. For more sources and articles on the Internet Google Scholar is recommended.

After you have found what you are looking for and you have enough material, it is up to reading and evaluating the sources based on your question. Make the notes with references. In hindsight, that would be too much work and you can now record important research issues. Now come step by step to answer the key question.

Structuring phase (20%)

As the name implies, in the third phase you bring structure and order into your bachelor thesis. For this you have to arrange your material accurately. Do this for a system that suits you best. Now the outline is created and you know exactly which points are currently working. The structure must be discussed with the supervisor, so that several points are merged. Quickly it happened that you did not mention an important aspect. Here again helps control on your part and your supervisor is guaranteed to point out.

Writing phase (30%)

Now it’s time to get down to business. In the fourth phase, you write your bachelor thesis based on the evaluated sources and ideas. Starting with the introduction, about which you explain the objective of your bachelor thesis. It takes a lot of time, but it’s not as bad as some people might think. Because you have already worked out a concept before and this now only has to be written.

To the writing phase belongs the bibliography, which you create alongside. At the end of the fourth phase, check the completeness and check that you have written to scientific standards. That is, how did you use terms and how were the sources given? At the end, you have your rough draft.

Graduation phase (20%)

The final phase takes more time than expected, because mistakes and inconsistencies will occur again and again. That’s normal, so do not worry about it! Your job during the fifth phase is to complete a final correction of your bachelor thesis, but not only you should. It helps immensely that friends and a lecturer look at the work.

The scrutiny from outside, so to speak. Spelling, grammar, style, punctuation and the completeness of the literature are checked and corrected. Your bachelor thesis should look good and there should be no errors in the layout accordingly. If you and third parties have checked everything, then it goes to the creation of a print-ready file. Speaking of printing: you should print this 2 to 3 days before the deadline because you never know when your printer will strike again or cause other technical problems.

Time planning: The 5 phases at a glance

You now know the 5 work phases that lead to a great bachelor thesis. Continuing, there are a few things to keep in mind that will make your job easier.


Allow enough free time because everyone needs breaks. Spend time with your friends and take a short break to relax. This will give you more energy and less stress.

Critic carere

If your supervisor expresses criticism, this is usually well thought out. Accept the criticisms and do not let everything be talked about by your supervisor. Do not blindfold anything. Check the statements at least and if they are d’accord, they will flow into your bachelor thesis.


Look ahead to examples of other, preferably good, bachelor’s theses. This will give you an idea of ​​what is required.

Do not push yourself

Funny fact: 90% of all bachelor theses are completed on the evening before submission. Do not press too hard. Avoid a procrastination of certain tasks, otherwise you have only unnecessary stress before delivery.

Conclusion – master’s degree or profession

Take the five steps as a template for your schedule. Adjust all points depending on how fast you work and how many breaks you need. And remember: time is passing and the joy is greater, the better the work becomes.