So you have to write a resume correctly

New job – new luck. Euphorically, many people gather their CV to the best of their knowledge and belief when they look at the newspapers. Despite the meticulous preparation of the application, there is already a rejection before a job interview. Often this is not due to one’s own abilities.

Employers also pay attention to the form, the linguistic design, layout and design. If the visual impression agrees with the contents – such as a suitable education and additional technical skills – you usually have the job in your pocket. To increase your job chances, you will receive tips for creating a CV with and without a template or sample.

The professional application through a pattern

Numerous patterns are available for application on the internet. The advantage of the sample lies in the up-to-dateness of the information and in the comprehensibility of the skills, knowledge and other information to be entered. A template does not necessarily make a good impression. It can quickly lead to a cancellation.

Cause: In most cases, one job is being promoted to several potential employees with high degrees and qualifications. The competition is tough. The information in the applications say something about the personal suitability of the employee. Those who want to create a unique selling position within a competitive battle should not rely solely on their personal knowledge.

The design is what stands out first

Patterns and templates are accessible to all, so many people use them. The employer recognizes this quickly and bored. Furthermore, it conveys the impression of lack of initiative in the context of the application and its content. Stand out from the crowd and pay attention to mini-jobs on a personal note. There are no patterns and patterns that are not completely useless, so take a look at their formatting.

Follow the guidelines for designing a page within the CV. Choose a pattern or template according to your personal taste. Keep in mind that you must always remain authentic in your application. Authenticity gives employers a realistic impression of your abilities and your nature. Here you will find good samples, templates and other things to your application.

The skeleton of the CV

Part of your application is the tabular form of the CV. This section is similar to a list of all the information about your professional or academic career. Previously, the informative part of the curriculum vitae began in ascending order with data on schooling, education and further professional development. Meanwhile, the tabular curriculum vitae launches with the last job performed. The annual numbers therefore decrease continuously downwards. The advantage is that the employer immediately gets an impression of currently favored activities and abilities.

In the upper area is the head.

Here you can often find an application photo (on the right side) and on the left the content is the person. The personal data is perfect if it contains name, date and place of birth, current address, marital status and contact details – such as e-mail address or telephone number ,

Below this information follows the information about which job you are looking for

Which professional position do you want to achieve with the CV? Please do not be too lax. A short description of the desired position is completely sufficient.

In the next part, the following applies: “In a nutshell lies the spice.” Indicate your professional career in a precise presentation. On the left side are the years. Write on how long and where you worked. Make sure that you always start with the date of departure and not the date of entry. On the right are the positions you had at this and that time. Here are some examples of what this part may look like.

Professional Experience:

  • Retraining to rescue assistant / air rescue in Garz
  • Engine driver at the Deutsche Bahn AG in Garz

These are followed by information on training or study and duration:

  • Training as a train driver at Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Internship at Deutsche Bahn AG in Garz
  • Volunteer at Deutsche Bahn AG in Garz

Partly school education:

  • Secondary school certificate, final grade;
  • Realschule “Zum Lernwinkel” in Frankfurt
  • Elementary school “bivouac learning” in Berlin

Work experience and training are very important to all content. Use the heading “Education” for this complex. Before completing the application, be sure to check the completeness of the data. If you use samples or templates, check the content for additional important information. Patterns and templates usually only provide the most frequently used headings. Do not be confused if the heading “Further education” does not appear. Completed further education must be mentioned in any case. Do not forget information and data, attention is the entry into the new job.

In case of faulty information and malicious deception, criminal proceedings can not be ruled out. Do you have special knowledge and skills? Paste these! Any information about your abilities will earn you and your resume benefits. If, for example, you are a member of certain associations – such as Mensa e.V. – or are studying for a distance, this is not unimportant for the employer. This also applies to your linguistic knowledge, because languages ​​are invaluable today. It is no longer just the world languages ​​that count. The other languages ​​are gaining in importance and simplifying intra-corporate correspondence.

In this context your hobbies and interests should not be missing. You are looking for the theoretical work the practical balance? That’s what employers appreciate a lot. Or do you like private information on biological, medical issues? Do you like to go by canoe or are you a fan of tricky tasks? These interests make an impression!

What may not happen in any CV

Make the information useful to you. Clearly structured and keep the traditional form of CV and application in general. Do not exaggerate your abilities, it will make a presumptuous impression. This is not welcome anywhere. Much more important is to present the content precisely – without many words, but still with essential information.

Focus on the essentials

What distinguishes you? In which areas is your knowledge really big? What many applicants do not consider in their CV: The application should give the impression that only you are suitable for the job or write my essay today . Sometimes nuances decide.

Find the right job for every job in your life

Example: You are a train driver and wish you a job as a newcomer to system integration. Find the interface of both professions! As a driver and system integrator, structured and logical thinking, accuracy and concentration are important. Be sure to highlight that as personal knowledge or skills. But do not explain too much. Do not flood the contents of your resume with information. Mention the significant knowledge. For example: Further education as a childminder will not impress the employer when working at a funeral home. In the tabular curriculum vitae, however, this further education should be mentioned. This is about knowledge, knowledge, knowledge.