Bachelor thesis Find a topic: The simple tips!

You may spend several months writing your final or bachelor thesis and writing up to 50 pages of text on a topic. Due to the sheer volume you should spend a lot of time researching the topic to finally find something that really interests you. After completing your studies, you should already have an idea of ​​which department or parts of your subject you are particularly interested in and where you want to go later in your professional life. Therefore, the topic should be well chosen.

The topic has to provide enough material

One mistake that is made in the final or bachelor thesis is that the topic is exciting and interesting, but does not provide enough material. So you have to look at the topic selection on two things. In addition to the content’s attractiveness of the topic, the potential extent of the topic also counts. After all, you have to fill in the work more than 30 pages with text. Of course, despite the amount of text, it is important to come up with consistently high-quality content. Look closely at the topic and see if you can write the required amount of work on the topic.

Use any employers in the topic selection

Another tip that makes finding a suitable topic easier is the familiar writing of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis in a company. With this model, you gain direct hands-on experience and can connect the scientific context of your work with practical impulses from the company. Also, the experience of the company’s employees is helpful, both in terms of academic work and the subject area you are working on. Of course, when writing your bachelor thesis in the company, you also have a great advantage in terms of topic selection. Since you probably have been working in the company for some time already, you have already got to know different areas. This will make it easier to come up with ideas on which topics you can use for your bachelor thesis.

The supervisor also plays a role

One aspect that you should not underestimate when choosing the topic is that you also choose the subject of your thesis in a certain way. In a specific subject area of ​​your degree program or student council there are usually only a few lecturers who are entrusted with the supervision of theses. It therefore makes sense to choose a topic that falls within the scope of a lecturer, with whom you have already gained experience. This is especially important as the mentoring lecturer not only evaluates the work, but is also your point of contact for questions or problems that are sure to arise while writing.

From the general to the specific

For the specific determination of your topic, you should always start with a rough limitation and specialize more and more. During your studies, you have probably chosen a specialization or specialized in one area of ​​specialization. Therefore, it goes without saying that the bachelor thesis in this subject area should also be located. Once you have settled on a large area within your discipline, you will go deeper into the matter.

To pinpoint the exact topic, you should use literature and other sources to get a better idea of ​​which topics might be of interest to you. In the course of research, you will quickly find out which areas you find more interesting. So, slowly, a more and more precise thematic framework arises in which you can write your bachelor thesis.

Use the resources of your university for the topic research. Professors or PhD students of the respective subject usually have a better view of the topics and can also help you here.

Previous knowledge makes the choice easier

Not only when you write your thesis in the company, but also in the classical academic approach helps previous knowledge enormously. For example, if you’ve written several chores on a variety of topics and are more involved in researching them, you may also be able to use these topics for your thesis. A happy mistake here is the too wide lineup at the beginning of the actual work.

From the very beginning, determine exactly in which limited frame you want to write your work, do not lose track of the big picture and become an expert in your field. However, turn to a large subject area that is not particularly limited.

Bachelor topic for the future

Also your planning for the future after the end of your studies is quite relevant with regard to the choice of topic of your thesis. Would you like to continue studying in your field or seeking an academic career in general? If this is the case, you may want to choose a topic that fits these plans. However, if you would like to get into working life as quickly as possible and write your bachelor thesis in a company, it pays to choose a topic, which makes you more attractive in the application for companies. Finally, with your bachelor thesis, you will acquire many new skills that you can use directly in your future career.

So you get to the right topic of the bachelor thesis

Although choosing the topic is the first part of the bachelor thesis, it’s one of the biggest challenges you’ll have to master on your way to a good thesis. You should never make too fast a decision and set yourself too fast on a topic. Instead, spend a little more time researching rather than having to start over at halfway. In addition, make use of all the contacts and resources that your university offers you to help with the choice of topics.